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Detox Survey/Study Results

A study we conducted of all our customers who performed the Detox Kit over the last 20 months revealed some fascinating results. The following is a summary of them:
  • 94% of customers said they would buy the kit again.
  • 68% or respondents were female.
  • 40% of respondents were between 40-50 years old.
  • 42% found us on Google.
  • 86% describe the program as good-awesome
  • Most people had no fears prior to the detox, but a small percentage was worried about being hungry
Below is some of the comments regarding changes in their health either during or after completing the Detox Kit program.
"Increased flexibility on an injured joint. A ganglia disappeared. Weight loss. Renewed energy."
"Blood pressure became normal, lost 10kg (22lb), swelling of legs gone."
"Loss of weight"
"Gaining more energy."
"I felt I returned to my natural healthy weight, less bloating. Extreme highs of energy at times throughout the cleanse. Heightened mindfulness of what I was eating, less impulsive or emotional eating tendencies for some time following the cleanse. A test of self control, and feeling of achievement on completion."
"My skin benefits from using the toxin remover, as it removes all toxins in which my eczema reacts."
"Immediate effect more energy and more time. Longterm, after 2-3 cure, it helped to change my eating habits (to low fat 50% raw vegan), blood pressure become normal, lost 10 kg, swelling of legs gone. (I also used NES during this time)"
"Broke hunger patterns and got some plaque out"
"Getting rid of my cravings, especially for alcohol. It is very simple and easy to use. I have already recommended it to others."
"Lost weight, gained energy."
"Feel good"
"Clear mind , relax, light ..."
"It felt like my digestion and food processing was a lot better for some time after the cleanse + the weight loss"

Detox Kit Survey Results




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