About Us

At the Bio Cleanse we take great pride in what we do. We are a small family business who take pride in our products. We were started from the ground up with the goal of helping people regain their health through natural methods.

Our founder has been testing colon cleansing products for many years and has tried most of the worlds' top colon cleanses. The results of this long project culminated with the Bio Colon Cleanse product, which we believe is the most effective and convenient colon cleanse on the market today.

The product is made from organic, wild crafted and chemical free products to ensure only the purest nutrients enter your body. The herbs and materials used have been specially selected for their premium quality and strength.

The formulation itself is a secret, but the exact ratios of herbs, fibers and clays have been tested to be optimum for removing toxins and debris from the body in the easiest way possible.

We believe good health is acheieveable with a healthy diet and a good quality detox product.