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Alkalizing Superfood from Bio Cleanse is the perfect daily addition to your daily food intake to massively increase the amount of vitamins, alkalizing minerals, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients in your body. It's also great to take while using the Detox Kit.

Raw Organic Alkaline Superfoods - A Banquet of Good Health

Raw Superfoods

We have chosen the best quality ingredients available. Organic German wheat and barley grasses slow-grown outdoors for 90 days, organic German beets and spinach, pure Zimbabwe baobab, organic Brazilian acerola and chlorella grown in the mountains of Taiwan in spring water. You will not find a cleaner and more nourishing mix.


  • Raw and 89% certified organic ingredients
  • Very clean, grown in the world's purest regions
  • Contains 48% of your daily C and A vitamins from natural sources (no synthetics)
  • Super alkalizing blend
  • Contains some of the world's most potent superfoods and greens
  • Wheatgrass and Barleygrass slow-grown outdoors (not indoors like cheaper variants)
  • Highest quality ingredients available
  • Excellent for daily use

The Story Behind the Formula

When researching our product we decided on the best 7 superfoods available on the planet. We could have used more, but did not see the point. Having extra ingredients poses the problem that you are only getting a very small dose of each, and an extremely complex food for the body to digest.

We also checked wholesale prices of each ingredient, along with nutrient profiles, pesticide and heavy metal analysis. We were surprised to find that the best organic wheatgrass and barleygrass costs 700% more than the cheapest, which is grown in Asia. The same was also similar with other ingredients. How could this be? Why is it so? The Asian wheatgrass of the lower price is grown quickly (in around 14 days) indoors in an artificial environment. The more expensive product was grown in Germany, outdoors, and in a slow way (at least 90 days growing period). The slow growing allows the plant to accumulate very high levels of nutrients from the soil and sun. The difference in the nutritional profiles was huge. The outdoor grown grasses contained much more vitamin C, chlorophyll, vitamin A and other nutrients. Also heavy metal content was practically zero, the same cannot be said about the cheaper product.

So we chose the best of every ingredient we could find. It greatly increased the wholesale cost for us, but we kept the retail price similar to other Superfoods, but we didn't mind, because we care about our customers and their health, and we know that people appreciate and recognise the best quality. We know people will feel the difference when they try our product, and for us this is priceless.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon
Servings Per Container: 50

Propriety blend (3grams per serving):
Wheatgrass^ (Germany), Barleygrass^ (Germany), Beetroot^ (Germany), Spinach^ (Germany), Baobab* (Zimbabwe), Acerola fruit^ (Brazil), Chlorella* (Taiwan)

^ Organic
* Chemical free
~ Cultivated without chemicals (tested for purity)


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