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Why is Our Detox Vegan?

Why is Our Detox Vegan?
1 December, 2023

At Bio Cleanse we believe in good life and good health. Our vegan Detox and Cleanse Kit is made from only plants, herbs, or plant derived substances. Even our probiotics are fastidiously chosen to be absolutely dairy free and made from bacterial strains that are only from humans, not animals.

Some detox programs or kits are not like this. Some involve eating 'lean meats', animal proteins, animal derived enzymes, fish products and more.

Who Cares, What Does it Matter?

We care and so should you. If you want to be healthy and full of life, you cannot consume death. It is no coincidence that the countries that consume the most animal products have the highest rates of heart disease and cancer. Take China for example, a country once renowned for its good health, now has seen its cancer rates soar, because of their newfound wealth, and increasing meat consumption which leads to colorectal cancer.

Check out the chart below.

Rich countries = high cancer

Poor countries = low cancer

Cancer rates

But cancer and heart disease are not the only problems with consuming animals. Obesity has become an epidemic.

Why Is Meat Consumption Bad?

There is numerous reasons why eating animal products is not a good idea. We will list them briefly below:

-High in saturated fat and cholesterol (causing heart disease and obesity)

-Cooked meats do not digest well and rot in the colon of humans (causing bowel cancer)

-Animals don't want to die, and transfer their fear into their meat (stress hormones)

-Producing animals is very inefficient and requires a lot of grain, which could be fed to starving people in the third world.

-Producing animals requires a huge amount of land. Most of the Amazon was cut down for growing livestock feed, or for grazing areas.

Benefits of a Vegan Detox

There is no need to worry about any of the above problems with our products or program. Most of our herbs are organic certified, so no pesticides or GMO's either.

Herbs have been the foundation of humans medicine for thousands of years, they are perfect in their abilities to heal our bodies. We have evolved to accept them and they work as nature intended. Our Digest Power product for example combines the following ingredients to stimulate the colon and organs and neutralize toxins

Cape Aloe leaf~,  Cascara Sagrada bark*, Turkey Rhubarb root*, Triphala fruit* (Amla fruit, Belleric Myrobalan fruit, Chebulic Myrobalan fruit), Barberry root^, Dandelion root*, Plantain aerial*, Fennel seed*, Peppermint leaf*, Licorice root*, Fenugreek seed*, Ginger root*, Meadowsweet aerial *

* Organic
^ Wild Harvested
~ Cultivated without chemicals (tested for purity)

Ok, ok, I get it, what can I do now?

Cut back on meat, or cut out meat (go vegan) and cleanse the body with a good vegan detox kit. The detox will help to remove the unhealthy residues in the organs and colon and give you a new lease on life


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