About Our Products


Our products are organic or wildcrafted. We only use these kind of ingredients because we love you, we love ourselves and we love the earth. You don't want to put chemicals in your body, especially when your doing a detox. They are also vegan, because we are not just concerned about the earth, but also it's inhabitants.

High Quality

The herbs we use are picked at the peak of their potency, and dried using the best methods to retain their goodness, nutrition and life force. The majority of the herbs in our products are wild crafted, so they are not grown quickly with nitrogen fertilizers, instead they are grown slowly, at natures' pace, and given as much time as they need to absorb as many nutrients as they require from the surrounding soil and atmosphere.

Best Formulas

The Bio Cleanse formulas are a secret, it took us years of research to fine tune them to our current recipe, which is the best combination of herbs, in the correct ratios for the human body. In fact our recipe is becoming so highly regarded, that it has earned us the number one ranking for detox kits by Detox.net.au, one of the webs oldest and most respected colon cleansing websites.

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Multiple Supplements

Our colon cleansing/detox kit contains 3 different supplements and a concise book to guide you through the process.

The first formula is the Digest Power. These capsules contain some of the worlds' most highly respected healing herbs. Widely regarded for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and healing qualities. The combination of 15 of the worlds' most effective healing and detox substances, grown by the earth for that exact purpose, are combined synergistically to awaken your bodies innate healing mechanisms. The bowels will start to function correctly again, the liver and other organs will cleanse years of accumulated wastes.

The Toxin Remover powder is designed to capture the wastes that are released during the cleansing process and safely remove them. The main hurdle that people come across when trying to detox or cleanse their bodies, is the detox symptoms (cleansing reactions). These occur because the bowel reabsorbs the toxins, and they go round and round in the body creating headaches, lethargy, tiredness and flu like symptoms. Our Toxin Remover powder however is highly absorbent, and it's not just absorbent, but it actually acts like a magnet, as it obtains a certain electrical charge once hydrated, which draws in negative substances (toxins), absorbs them, and carries them out of the bowels.

It has been estimated by people doing our cleanse that the Toxin Remover reduces detox symptoms by up to 98%. The Toxin Remover Powder is comprised of a special kind of pure clay, that was formed millions of years ago by volcanoes, and then buried deep in the earth. There is also organic psyllium husks and ginger. The psyllium binds to the clay in a certain way, that allows it to maintain it's absorbent capabilities, yet move more smoothly through the bowels. The ginger stops bloating through it's many antiseptic qualities and also adds heat and stimulation to the healing process.

After completing the cleanse, the bowel will be ready for the reintroduction of friendly bacteria. In our kit we have provided the most effective Probiotic we could find. So powerful that even on it's own it has been knows to effectively treat IBS and chron's disease.


We wish you a fruitful cleansing experience, and would love to hear from you, so please let us know your experience on the detox, or any questions you may have. If you have not purcahse a Detox Kit, please click here to be taken to the product page.

God Bless.