The Healing Effects of Bentonite Clay

By Matthew Sun

In life sometimes the simple things are the best. And this certainly applies to bentonite clay.

Of all the health products available on the market today, the simple bentonite clay probably offers the most benefits to the human body. In today's world, our biggest problem is toxins. We are bombarded continuosly with the unnatural atmosphere which we have created since industrialization took off. And the bodies main problem is to remove these toxins.

The lymphatic system can capture these toxins, free radicals, heavy metals and posions, and expell them to the colon, but the problem is that most people are constipated to some degree, which means the toxins often get reabsorbed into the bloodstream as the feces dries out on it's unnaturally slow journey through the body. This means that the job of the lymphatic system, liver etc. has to happen again, rendering these organs eventually depleated of their necesarry energies to perform their functions.

A bout of diarhea is not such a bad thing, and oftentimes, when it is not triggered by food poisoning, is the body giving itself a final push, in an attempt to clean out. But unfortunately the outward and inward bombardment of toxins goes on. And eventually the body weakens and dis-ease sets in.

That is where bentonite can play a vital role in health. Bentonite, when mixed with psyllium, and apple juice and consumed, breaks the toxic cycle. It absorbes the toxins in the colon and allows them to be removed. But this is not bentonite's only role, following is a list of some of the healing benefits of bentonite clay:

  • Absorbes internal toxins from the body. [ref 1]
  • Gains a negative electrical charge when hydrated, which attracts and absorbes toxins that are positively charge.[ref 1]
  • Inhibits the respiration of candida. [ref 2]
  • Chelates heavy metals. [ref 3]
  • Aids IBS sufferers. [ref 4]
  • Contains abundant trace minerals, and has been consumed by pregnant women in native cultures to promote a healthy baby.[ref 1]
  • Used by NASA as the only calcium supplement that could be absorbed in space. [ref 1]
  • Absorbes grease and toxins from the skin when used as a press. [ref 5]
  • Binds debris and mucoid plaque from the colon and removes it. [ref 6]

The above list is by no means complete and represents only a fraction of the uses of this wonderful substance.

The Toxin Remover powder in the Bio Cleanse Detox contains a very pure grade of bentonite clay that is mined in Europe from an ancient volcanic source. The formula also contains psyllium husk powder, to add bulk to it while it travels through the colon, and also ginger, to stop bloating. We tested many different combinations and ratios of ingredients for our Toxin Remover powder, and nothing else was as effective as these 3 simple ingredients.



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