Cleansing and Spirituality

What does spirituality have to do with cleansing, nothing and everything! There are as many types and levels of spirituality as there are schools in our education system. Some are for pre-school and others for post-graduate research doctorates. What is the difference? Only the age and readiness of the pupil.

In some of these levels, spirituality ignores the body completely concentrating instead on the soul. So to fast is meaningless, but to cleanse is meaningful. When we focus on the most high, we must concentrate on a power greater than ourselves, or greater than the body. If we can do that we get closer to our souls, the part of us which is closest to the creator. In this situation cleansing the body is useful in the following ways:

  • Often we have impurities or blockages which inhibit the flow of divine energy. Sometimes the blocks are emotionally based closing our energy centers (called chakras), sometimes the blocks are diseases caused by poor diet. A detox or cleanse will help remove the physical residue within the body, thus promoting wellness, and during the process of not eating old emotions will come up so they can be resolved. Often eating is a form of repressing emotions. When the emotions come up we need to deal with them or simply endure them – and if successful, we can remove a blockage from one of our energy centers. That’s one way cleansing can help spiritually.
Meditation and cleansing
  • With these energy centers, the cleaner the channel the more energy can pass. So if we detox and remove toxins and low vibrationary solids, we become finer and thus allow the energy to flow smoother and with fewer side effects. All food has a vibration. For example, we can see water and oil have different densities and textures even though both are liquids. It’s much easier to digest clean water than oil. Similarly, all foods have different vibrations. If we eat animal flesh, then our colon may be saturated in plaque and other heavier fats. To detox means to remove these undesirable deposits helping to lift our vibration and vitality.
  • The cleaner we are the more life force we feel, hence making it easier to practice spiritually. A lethargic body is not as useful as an elastic child-like body - which a full detox can help achieve. The lighter we are or feel, the less we will feel the body when we meditate – hence able to ignore the body and go higher in the spiritual realms.
  • The concept of cleaning is of prime importance to spiritual practice. We cultivate ourselves in order to become god-like, that is to have the qualities of a saint. So we need to be pure like a child again. This involves unlearning certain things and remembering others. The unlearning process is a cleanse in itself, so to cleanse our mind of what is not useful helps us progress rapidly. Often what we do to our physical self, that is a body detox or cleanse, will cause a trigger in our mind allowing it to accept the spiritual cleanse which we truly seek.

In summary, cleansing of the body is not required for a high level or very accomplished spiritual practitioner. But to get to that level, it’s highly recommended and can dramatically improve the results. Computers are not needed to get a university degree, but they sure make life easier if we have one. We suggest you try our computer of cleansing, The Bio Cleanse Organic Detox Kit, the results will speak for themselves.