Environmental Toxins, Meat and You

By Matthew Sun

Today's environment has become more detached from nature than ever before. Through all of history, through all the fossils we know of, from all our knowledge, never has the planet been so polluted.

Our food is sprayed with poison, our water has poison added to it, our soap is full of artificial scents, our deodorant has heavy metals in it, some of our seeds are genetically modified, our medicine is not grown in the soil, but rather made in a lab, animals are kept in hellish like conditions and raised as commodities en masses. And to top it all off, since the Fukushima earthquake in Japan that destroyed their nuclear power plant, now the oceans and air contain radioactive particles.

It all sounds rather gloomy I know. But there is something you can do that will greatly increase your quality of life. You may not live to be 500 like the people of the Old Testament, but you might make it to 90 and still be healthy.

The body has amazing resilience, and an excellent system to detoxify itself, but there are some things we need to do to help it along. The first is to avoid putting the most toxic things in our mouths, and they include cigarettes, alcohol, meat and drugs. They are all deadly. And yes meat is not a health giving substance, we have been brainwashed over the last 50 years by the meat industry into thinking meat and dairy are essential for health. Yet the opposite has actually been proven true [ref 1].

Even if the meat is organic, and was grown on another planet, that was clean, it still rots in your intestines, humans are not meat eaters, we are fruit and vegetable eaters. But let's talk about meat that was grown on this planet. Our planet is very polluted, and those toxins concentrate as they move up the food chain, and cows, chickens, pigs etc. are at the top of the food chain. They consume large amounts of toxins through their life, and these toxins accumulate in their fat and muscle tissues, and then humans eat them. These days, the animals are also grown for profit, and they are loaded with antibiotics and steroids to make them grow faster and fatter, is it any wonder today's children are obese. Does anyone older than 30 remember back to when they were young, everyone was skinny.

The good news is, that even if you ate meat all your life, it is reversible, especially if none of your vital organs have been removed yet, such as your gall bladder, parts of your bowel etc. The solution is to adopt a plant based diet (vegan) and to do a good detox a few times a year. The Bio Cleanse Organic Detox Kit is a good choice for this, as it is all organic, and contains certain herbs which stimulate the bowels and organs to release toxins, and awakens the bodies innate detoxification mechanisms. The Bio Cleanse also contains a special powder made up of a certain clay and fiber. This powder, which is drunk as a shake, absorbs the toxins as they are released into your bowel, thus greatly enhancing the detox program. It also binds to debris in the bowels, and removes it, sweeping the colon clean.

Most people after doing a detox report feeling lighter, having more energy, better digestion, less sickness and more. You can read some of the testimonials for more information.


[1] - The China Study by Dr Collin Campbell