The Joy of Cleansing

Over the years we have heard countless stories from our customers who have had their lives turn around due to cleansing. Many report feeling lighter, more clear headed, less pain in the body and more.

But why is it so?

It’s the digestion!

“All disease begins in the gut” - As Greek physician Hippocrates stated almost 2,500 years ago. And he was onto something. Our colon is responsible not just for digesting the very foods that nourish every cell in our bodies, but it also feeds us with its diverse and abundant bacteria, which produce endless compounds, vitamins and proteins that help us thrive.

The gut contains around 39 trillion bacteria, comprising around 300 to 1,000 different species(1). But the composition of species is what’s important. Too many of the so-called unfriendly strains can flood the body with toxins, which create sickness and leave a person feeling sluggish(2).

This is why cleansing the digestive system can make people feel good. The colon and the microbes that live there influence us in a major way. Removing the bio film (or mucoid plaque) which can accumulate on the walls creates an environment more conducive to the good kind of probiotics that support, protect and nourish your being.

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