Long COVID Cause May Be in the Colon

Researchers may have found the cause of long COVID.

Researchers from the Center for Gut Microbiota Research, at Stanford University in the United States, recently performed a study on the effect of long COVID on the gut microbiome. Long COVID is when people still experience symptoms, such as memory problems, fatigue, anxiety, sleep problems and more, up to 6 months after their initial infection.

It was seen that those still experiencing symptoms had a greater abundance of unfriendly bacteria in their colons than people who were symptom free after infection. Also people who were symptom free had greater amounts of friendly bacteria.

The most common unfriendly organisms detected in long COVID patients were Bacteroides vulgatus and Ruminococcus gnavus, while the good type (probiotics), such as F. prausnitzii and Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum were depleted. The byproducts of unfriendly species are known to cause disease and inflammation within the body, and the good species help to regulate the immune system, synthesize critical nutrients, and improve overall health.

At Bio Cleanse we have long advocated for the maintenance of a healthy colon, which includes cleansing the digestive system with our Herbal Detox Kit. The kit removes mucoid plaque, parasites and unfriendly organisms such as bacteria and candida, that contribute to unfavorable health. After the cleansing program is finished, probiotics are taken to implant the good bacterial species back in.

The results of the study can be viewed here:


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