Marijuana Detox

By Matthew Sun

The Bio Cleanse Organic Detox Kit can effectively be used to speed the detoxification of marijuana and THC from the body. The body will naturally detoxify itself from the drug without any extra intervention, but certain herbs can help to speed the process up and lessen the chance of going back on the drug.

We do not offer this advice for the purpose of helping people pass drug tests, but to help people quit marijuana for good, and move towards a more healthy lifestyle.

However if someone did want to pass a drug test, and was concerned about failing due to marijuana in their system, we would suggest they perform our detox, and stay off the drug for good, as the happiness that people crave will not be satisfied by any chemical. Happiness comes from within, and a healthy lifestyle and daily meditation is key to attaining this, not drugs.

Marijuana Leaf-Not to be smoked after or during a detox

How To Get Marijuana Out of Your System

Marijuana contains over 400 chemicals, and 85 of them are unique to the drug itself. These are called cannabinoids. The main cannabinoid is THC. Once THC enters the body it is broken down into 80 different metabolites or by products, which hang around in the body from severals days, to weeks and are fat soluble.

The body is naturally removing the cannabinoids all the time, but it is desirable to speed up this process by shifting the body into detoxification mode. The Bio Cleanse contains purgative (cleansing) herbs such as cape aloe and cascara sagrada and are excellent at stimulating the body to release toxins and chemicals that are stored in the organs, tissues and colon. The kit also contains a fiber and clay powder that is drank as a shake, and helps to absorb the marijuana residues once they enter the colon. Performing a marijuana detox without this special clay and fiber drink will be less effective as the chemicals can be reabsorbed from the colon, thus reentering the blood stream.

An instruction booklet is also included, which explains how to use the kit. A modified diet is one of the important factors also, as it further encourages detoxification of the body. It is required to either perform 5 days of juice fasting, or if you don't feel you can do that, then it is possible to proceed by limiting the intake of certain foods, which are listed here .