Mucoid Plaque Cleanse

What Is Mucoid Plaque?

Mucoid plaque builds up in the digestive system, and is comprised of layers of dried mucous, bacteria, fungi and undigested food debris. It occurs because of the continued consumption of overly acid forming foods such as meat, dairy, salt, sugar, refined flours, cooked oils, alcohol, coffee, drugs and toxic residues such as pesticides and environmental pollutants.

Mucoid plaque also can build up in bowel pockets, where the colon has lost it's shape, and also give rise to polyps which are filled with parasites as seen below.

Polyps containing mucoid plaque and parasites

Polyp filled with mucoid plaque and parasites

Image courtesty of wikipedia

Do Enemas Work?

Enemas can help to loosen and remove mucoid plaque from the large intestine, but not the small intestine, which is actually where most of it resides. The reason an enema cannot remove it from the small intestine is because the ileocecal valve does not allows the water to go past.

Our Mucoid Plaque Cleanse

So to effectively remove mucoid plaque from the entire digestive system it is required to consume special bitter herbs that help to stimulate the colon and liver and also dissolve the plaque, and to drink psyllium husks mixed with bentonite in a shake. The bentonite in the shake helps to bind the loosened mucoid material and pull it out of the colon, and the psyllium husk acts as an effective bulking agent to bulk out the mixture and eliminate hunger while on the program.

Our Detox Kit is designed to effectively remove mucoid plaque, and is made from 15 of the strongest wild crafted and certified organic herbs available. The clay used was selected after 7 years of testing, and was found to be the most effective and pleasant to consume. The psyllium husk is certified organic and is 99% pure husks.

Below is some pictures of mucoid plaque removed on our cleanse by customers who were using our Detox Kit for the first time.

Mucoid plaque removed using our cleanse

mucoid plaque removed on a cleanse

mucoid plaque removed on a cleanse

mucoid plaque removed on a cleanse