How To Do A Raw Food Detox Diet with the Bio Cleanse Kit

By Matthew Sun

Raw food is quickly becoming recognized throughout the world for it's immense health benefits and importance in our diet. As the western world has never been so hooked on fast food made from animal products, refined flours, salt and chemicals, people are getting sick and looking for answers.

Any intelligent person will realize that health is directly related to the food we eat, hence the question becomes "what should I eat if I want to be healthy?

What is Raw Food?

Raw food is any fresh plant based food that has not been cooked. Almost all fresh fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw, and are more healthful this way, apart from starchy root vegetables (carrots are good raw though).

Why Should You Eat Raw Food?

Raw food is the most cleansing and nourishing of all foods. It contains all the enzymes and nutrients of the plant, it is usually the easiest to digest, does not need salt and flavor enhancers, and is a great way to lose weight and get your health back on the right path.

If you want to be healthy, feel great, and limit the amount of disease and suffering you encounter in life, then raw food is for you.

Does It Taste Good and What Can I Eat?

Yes in fact it tastes amazing. Think of all the wonderful fruits such as mangoes, pineapples, berries, bananas, apples, you name it the list goes on. But it's not only fruits, you also have the whole vegetable kingdom, and also sprouted grains, seeds and nuts. In fact you can even make raw food pizzas, lasagnas, and more. You can even sprout grains and mash them into wafers and dehydrate them into raw food crackers, delicious! Try Google raw food recipes. Below are some pictures.

Raw Pizza (by Claudia Ganswind, Loving Hut Menton, France)

Raw Pizza


Raw Cheesecake (by Claudia Ganswind, Loving Hut Menton, France)

Raw Cheesecake


Raw Crackers and Dip (by Claudia Ganswind, Loving Hut Menton, France)

Raw Cracker and Dip

The Bio Cleanse Raw Food Detox

The Bio Cleanse Detox Kit is a fantastic program that can greatly speed up the process of cleansing the body and restoring good health. It works to stimulate the colon, liver and organs to eliminate wastes, and restore regularity. The kit contains a special herbal formula, a toxin removing powder, probiotics, and also a book to guide you through the process. Check out our product page to learn more.

How to Do It

There is 2 main methods to perform the program, one is the 9 day program which involves 5 days of raw juice fasting, and the other is a 14 day milder program where you consume only alkaline forming raw food, such as salads, fruits, sprouted grains and nuts, and if you want something a little heavier you can eat quinoa, millet, lima beans or steamed or baked vegetables.

The Results

The effects will be dramatic. The result of switching your diet from highly cooked and processed animal foods to pure raw or alkaline forming food, and consuming the Detox Kit products will greatly enhance your health by allowing your body a chance to eliminate years of toxic buildup. Once the body has cleansed itself it can start to rebuild your health.

Long Term Effects

The long term effects of the raw food diet can be seen in people such as Jim Morris, the 72 year old body builder, who eats only raw food and beans. He works out for an hour each day and looks great. There is many more examples on the Internet of people who switched to the raw food diet, lost weight, regained health, and look amazing. Freelee is another great example.