A Simple Liver Cleanse

One of the most important organs in the body for maintaining good health is the colon. And detoxing the colon allows the body to cleanse pretty much everything else. One of the main problems in the colon is mucoid plaque, which is a mixture of dried mucous, fungus and bacteria. Also known in medical literature as biofilm.

But the second most important organ for good health is the liver.

While on a Bio Cleanse Detox, the liver gets a huge flush, but what else can be done after the cleansing program to help cleanse the liver?

Assuming the colon has been cleansed well, a simple and effective way to cleanse your liver on an ongoing basis is to drink fresh beetroot juice everyday. Its rich deep red hues remind us of their relationship to our blood, which is filtered by the liver. Beetroots contain multiple antioxidants and compounds (including the renowned betaine) that help to cleanse and heal the blood and liver. They also assist the lymphatic system, brain and more. They are truly one of nature's most healing foods.

Juicing can be done in a regular juicer, or if you don't like the cleanup of a juicer, you can chop up the beets and put them in a strong blender with a little apple juice or water, and then strain. And add some green superfood such as our Alkalizing Superfood for extra cleansing goodness.

Our Alkalizing Superfood blend also contains a large percentage of organic beetroot powder, but of course fresh is best. But if you don't have time, the Superfood powder is also very effective.

Liver cleanse with beetroot