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Our Customers Reported

  • They lost weight (up to 22lb)*
  • Did not feel hungry*
  • Cleansed mucoid plaque*
  • Improved skin*
  • More energy, more relaxed, more mental clarity*
  • Blood pressure normalized*
  • Cravings gone*
  • Eating habits improved*

(above comments were collected during a survey of all our customers since January 2012)

How is this possible?

  • Our program solves the root of many health problems by cleansing the digestive system*
  • We use only the best quality organic and wildcrafted ingredients
  • Our pure bentonite clay effectively detoxifies the body when combined with the herbal formula and program*
  • Our formulas are among the best in the world*
  • Our product is not just a bottle, it's an educational system
  • We offer full support and a money back guarantee


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